Address of CEO

As a leading enterprise in China’s software and IT service industry, Chinasoft International is dedicated to building a united, ambitious and passionate team with our innovative spirit and dynamic vitality. We actively participate in the innovation in technology, management and business models, exploring for larger development space and improved core competitiveness. Pursuing innovation and excellence is recognized as distinctive characteristics in the history of Chinasoft International.

Over the years, we have devoted ourselves to creating a harmonious and innovative working environment as well as cultivating and attracting talents. We are honored to have recruited many top talents who are good at business operating and management, rich in professional knowledge and always seeking excellence in their careers. That makes possible the good blessing by and for all our members: a good working atmosphere featuring knowledgeable, capable and helpful colleagues, which offers broad career opportunities and an inspiring platform for personal development.

We shall always keep in mind that the determination for excellence is the most essential factor of success, and that our personal value rises with our awareness and dedication of the team. With this faith, we have realized many miracles in this industry since the establishment of Chinasoft International, laying a firm foundation for our present great performance. In a market with intense competition, we need to be more vigilant, passionate, united and persistent than we have been before. Our company’s improvement depends on the efforts of each member, and I expect you to give full play of your talent in our efforts to achieve the goal of “Striving to be Centered, Dedicated to Client Success, Creating and Sharing, and Growing Together”!

Welcome to Chinasoft International!

Chairman of the Board and CEO

Dr. Henry Chen

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Headquartered in Hong Kong, Chinasoft International sets up its operating headquarters in Beijing. At present, the company has set up branches and R&D centers in dozens of cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Hong Kong, and Seattle, Washington, Austin, Princeton and other cities in U.S.A., London, Dublin, Budapest, Tokyo.

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Training and Promotion

We offer multiple career development tracks for our employees to obtain more extensive work experience, more knowledge, more responsibilities and more job opportunities.

① Management Career Path: employees on this track is promoted along the corporate hierarchy of management.

② Professional Career Path: The company encourages employees to make in-depth development in their professional skills to become “experts” and “senior leaders”.

In addition, we have developed a practical skill-learning and examination platform that allows employees to learn anytime and anywhere.

We are concerned about the career development of our employees, and developed a training system to help our employees achieve sustainable development in our company.


In order to enhance the cohesion of the employees and promote the positive, harmonious and free atmosphere of each department, the company and each business department will organize events and interesting groups with appropriated funds, which will be increased according to each BU’s performance in each appraisal period.

We have established an employee club to organize recreational activities. The club is operated by the HR department. We hope our employees can feel satisfied in their work, and furthermore, we encourage them to pursue physical and mental health, family harmony, and rich life experience in addition to successful career.

The Online Annual Conference of Chinasoft International, having been successfully held for three times since 2014, is a grand year-end event for all of its employees. The conference achieves simultaneous online attendance by thousands of people who can interact with each other online. Relying on network multimedia, strong interaction and borderless, cross-region and constantly online conditions, as well as wide dissemination, good audiovisual effects and strong participation, the Online Annual Conference makes it possible for all employees to witness the development course of Chinasoft International. It is also a talent show for employees to present and enjoy various performances such as singing, dancing, micro film, and magic. The luck draws are always the thrilling moments, givinga wealth of prizes. This carnival event really provides a growth platform for employees where they can fully show themselves.

The annual commendation conference is an annual event. The leadership and employees set down the 12 months of hard work and tiredness and gather here cheerfully and harmoniously to enjoy the interesting activities, including walking the red carpet, watching performances, shaking for red envelopes and attending the award ceremony. Everyone is present, witnessing the prosperity and success of Chinasoft International together and achieving the online-offline corporate culture interaction.



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