Telecommunication Industry

Telecommunication customers account for a largest portion of our revenue, with over 20,000 of our employees serving the customers from the telecommunication industry. The major customers include Huawei, China Mobile and China Telecom.

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Financial Industry

The Company has developed in the financial industry a large number of products and solutions with regard to financial risk, credit financing, integrated acquiring , business intelligence, payment and settlement and so on.

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Internet and High-tech Industries

The company provides services for well-known Internet companies and builds competence center in relevant range of services to enhance efficiency and carry out in-depth cooperation. At the same time, the Company makes use of the capabilities in traditional financial sector to carry out in-depth cooperation with Internet financial enterprises.

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Public Utilities and Other Industries

CSI is a leader in the solution market of pan-traffic area of public transportation, rail transportation, and airport management. The Company have built the first all-in-one card payment and settlement system for urban transportation, the first payment system for transfer in urban rail transportation and the first Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system with independent intellectual property rights in China.

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